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Yvonne McCarthy 2022-02-04 Big Chick.jpg

Yes, this is really me. 


Hiya! I'm Yvonne, the Big Chick, and I'm supposed to tell you my fabulous and inspirational backstory here in this box. Well, okay. I can follow the magic website rules. Basically, I love baking. I also love making people happy. I make a dang good cookie, if I do say so myself (my friends agree, and they're the reason I  thought this might fly - pun intended). And it's only taken me a few (ahem) years, a completely unrelated-to-baking job history, raising kids, and retirement to realize this *might* be something I'd enjoy doing for a living.  So here I am!  And now you need to be done reading and go order some of my clucking good cookies.  Mom hug!!

chicken feet.png


Big Chick Bakery is a cottage food operation that is not subject to Kansas state food safety regulations. My cookies are baked in my home kitchen and delivered directly to you, the customer. My physical bakery address is 8601 East 55th Street South, Derby, Kansas, 67037. I do not have a store building. 

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